Jessyca Arantes Trans Model

Jessyca Arantes

What a stunning woman Jessyca Arantes is! She has long curly hair, large breasts, and an enormous butt! When it comes to sexy things, Jessyca just can’t get enough. Jessyca is covered in tattoos and piercings from her perky tits to her tight pussy, and she is as kinky as they come! Jessyca Arantes enjoys public sex, especially if that sex is taking place on a night bus while other people are looking on! Jessyca is roused as more people see her prize.

Jessyca Arantes Videos

Jessyca is a bisexual Brazilian who loves sex. No matter who she is having it with. And if there is a possibility to have someone watch her – even better!

She has been active since 2020, so she is a relatively new model, and overall count of her movies is 11. Most are made during the year 2020. There is currently only one video where she appears on Trans Angels, alongside two beautiful trannies Bruna Dior and Vitoria Prado.

The movie is called The Maid Needs a Maid, and it portrays Jessyca as this bitchy snob, looking down on the help. So, the help (Vitoria and Bruna) decide to go to Jessyca’s closet, smoke, try on her clothes and mock the lady of the house. Until Jessyca catches them, which is where Vitoria whips out her cock. Jessyca cannot resist and starts sucking both their dicks, kneeling between them, enjoying herself.

The action is then moved to the bed, where Jessyca is fucked by her help, and they even end up double penetrating Jessyca Arantes. Much to her satisfaction.

All her other movies are directed and filmed in Brazil. But she is an active model and currently filming for the Trans Angels network, there’s going to be a lot more of her. So head on to our Trans Angels offer to join today, for an abundance of Jessyca in the future. Save 40% on your monthly subscription by taking advantage of our offer. Instead of paying $24.99, you’ll just have to shell out $17.99. This is a fantastic offer.

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