Trans Angels Wonder Woman porn

In Trans Angel’s first parody, the Trans Angels Wonder Woman video, Princess Daiya and Stan are Chanel Santini and Lance Hart. Amazon Princess Daiya discovers that the world is in peril when she encounters shipwrecked soldier Stan on the beach of her island paradise. It is with this objective in mind that Daiya becomes Wonder Woman. She sets out on a heroic journey to redeem the world from Eros and the forces of unresolved sexual tension. She embarks on her journey with the support of handsome Stan. The problem is that they deviate from their goal before they can get to their final destination. Often, the most serious and pressing risks are those that are closest to home.

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Lance Hart

Lance Hart is a man who is almost too good to be true. Aside from being charming and successful as an entrepreneur, he’s also one of the most dedicated adult film actors in the business and one of the porn models that consistently works with numerous Trans Angels pornstars. Lance shot a little bit of everything since his initial appearance in 2008. In spite of the fact that Lance believes himself to be largely straight but extremely open-minded, he enjoys sucking cock and appeasing all of his homosexual followers, saying, “Gay BDSM has helped me become the guy I am today.” In spite of his more than a decade-long career in the porn industry, Lance is still as excited as ever to go to work every day because he believes his job is almost ideal. “I literally make a livelihood by dressing up and cumming on other people!”

Lance Hart Transangels Wonder Woman

Chanel Santini

Everything about Chanel Santini, from her dark brown hair to her large, pouty lips, is beauty in every meaning of the term. At such a young age, she’s well on her way to becoming a household name in the entertainment industry. So, the tall Southwestern hottie, packed up her huge shoe collection and relocated to Las Vegas. There, she found work in the adult entertainment sector.

Chanel, who describes herself as an “ordinary lady who likes to get crazy,” has swiftly established a reputation for herself. It’s true that she has a sophisticated appearance, but she also enjoys getting down and dirty. This multi-talented woman can suck dick and give some of the hottest, wettest blowjobs we’ve ever seen. Chanel Santini’s mantra is “tgirls do it better,” and she’s living proof of that statement and many others.

Transangels Wonder Woman

Trans Angels Wonder Woman Video

Out of the 37 minutes of the entire length of the video, the intro is relatively long. For the first 7 minutes of the video, they are just getting to know each other in the Trans Angels Wonder Woman way, explaining along the way the troubles of the war against Eros. Princess Daiya shares the wisdom of the Amazons, that states that people should give into their erotic urges. That is exactly what the two will do later on. But first, we see a slow-motion scene in which this Trans Angels Wonder Woman version dresses herself, in preparation for the war.

When Princess Daiya and Stan get to ‘London’, and Daiya starts getting her coat off to get ready for the battle, Stan explains that having her boobs out can be pretty much distracting – to anyone! She sees through his sharade, and repremands him for hiding his erection. He knows better than to do this, or so she thought! She has her lasso of truth wrapped around his thigh, and is rubbing his throbbing cock interrogating him. He confesses that fucking her was his only thought ever since they met, but he ultimately thought that the war is more important. He gives in to his passions, and pulls Daiya into a passionate kiss.


She quickly puts his dick into her mouth. However, they get interrupted by the three men dressed in all black. However, Stan overpowers one of them, while Wonder Woman finishes off the other two. The fight is over, the goones are gone, and the pair continues their play. Daiya is back at Stan’s cock, but quickly, Stan starts rimming her. When he has prepared her hole quite nicely, he starts drilling her asshole doggy style.

Eventually, she turns on her back, but he is still inside her, drilling away! Yet again they switch the position, this time Stan being on his back, while Daiya is riding him in the reverse cowgirl position. You can beautifully see the full frontal of them both. Once he was done with her ass, it is time she tastes his! Princess Daiya is now getting to drill Stan! They go at it for a while, and then Daiya is back on the crate where it all started, getting a huge cumshot on her massive bouncy tits.

When they agree that the war against Eros can be fucked away, the movie finishes with Stan sucking Daiya’s cock!

Final Thoughts on the Trans Angels Wonder Woman: A XXX Trans Parody

The whole plotline, story and execution of the Trans Angels Wonder Woman version is impeccable. Both Chanel and Lance portray their characters perfectly. Their lust peaks through their acting, and it translates to the readers as well. If you’ve enjoyed the original Wonder Woman, you’ll surely love the Trans Angels Wonder Woman! Give this parody a shot, and you’ll surprise yourself with how much you’ll enjoy it! You can visit out Trans Angels discount page and enjoy that 40% coupon code we offer there too.