Trans Angels Twitter account review

Social media can be a powerful tool in this day and age. A Twitter account can be a great way to pass the information on to a large number of people. You just have to know how to use it. For a network as large as the Trans Angels, having their own Trans Angels Twitter account can be used for so many purposes. Here, we have listed all the ways the Trans Angels network uses their Twitter account.

Trans Angels Twitter 2


Every time there is a new video out, the Trans Angels Twitter account tweets about it. What’s more, they tweet about the new videos several times over a span of days, to make sure all their fans catch the tweet. Even if it is just a scene and not a full video, they will let you know. Additionally, they have hashtags for every video so that you can easily find what you are looking for.

Their latest promotion was of the newest trans member Lola Morena and Roman Todd in their newest video, and Lola’s mention is @MSLilo1. They tweeted about the scene three times, as well as about the second to last video featuring Emma Rose.

New at Trans Angels

The Trans Angels Twitter account tweets every time there is a newcomer on their team. Which is perfect, because if you don’t check it out yourself, how will you know? Therefore, TA lets their fans know whenever they have someone new. Not only will they tweet about a new trans model, but they will also link their newest video starring said model.

So, for example, when legendary Dee Williams made her debut at Trans Angels, they made sure that Trans Angels Twitter account follows the story through.

Dee Williams and Rubi


Whenever one of the Trans Angels models or directors gets an award, the Trans Angels Twitter account makes sure everyone knows! They get very proud of their own people’s accomplishments, as they should! Every award is another tribute to their hard work and dedication, and it should be advertised through the entirety of social media.

If you have Twitter, the Trans Angels Twitter account is a must-follow. They keep you in the loop with current videos, up-and-coming models, and the awards they won. They even post provocative pics to tease you until the release of the full video.

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