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Vitoria Prado

Spanish-born hottie Vitoria Prado is a tight brunette who enjoys having a good time! Whether she’s having a good time on boats owned by royalty or indulging in her gangbang habit, this magnificent creature is the focus of attention everywhere she appears. Instead of wowing audiences with her gigantic tits, long legs, and massive she-dick, this tgirl enjoys training her brains. She is a self-described book geek in her spare time. Vitoria Prado is a perfectionist who enjoys doggy style. She is meticulous in her attention to detail and ensures that her partner is well cared for until the end!

Vitoria Prado Movies

Vitoria is most definitely a top, and she likes fucking whoever is down to fuck. Whether it be guys, who she fucks bareback, or chicks – doesn’t matter to her, as long as she puts her massive dick somewhere.

In the scene where she appeared with her t-colleague Bruna Dior, Vitoria is playing the part of a maid. The maid is severely mistreated and put down by Jessica Arantes. So, Vitoria and Bruna hide in the closet and smoke and make fun of Jessica, until she catches them. This is when Vitoria pulls out her dick, and passionate fucking ensues. Vitoria and Bruna both get blowjobs from Jessica, while she is in the middle, kneeling on the ground, enjoying herself. The action is then switched to the bed, where the two Tgirls double D Jessica, and she absolutely loves it. Seems like all three of them are enjoying themselves with lots of blowjob action, barebacking, and pussy/anal sex.

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