The troubles of tucking

When I think of the annoyances that bother trans women, tucking definitely comes to mind. Whether you choose to tuck or to let it loose, there are some disadvantages to both of those options.

Why do people tuck their cock?

If you think only about the inconveniences, it becomes unclear why the heck would anyone go through the process of tucking. Still, for many T-girls (and other people who don’t want their bulge to be so visible), tucking is a daily routine. But why do they tuck?

For starters, the socially-constructed idea of femininity doesn’t include a large bump sticking out between the legs. So, trans women, gender non-conforming people, and all others who don’t want this traditional equivalent of masculinity to be so easily seen, try to hide it.

There are other reasons why people tuck their cocks and balls as well. Wearing a bikini can be one of them. Also, skin-tight clothes or tiny lingerie don’t always fit well over a massive cock.

Another, not so fortunate, reason could be the prevention of attacks. There are too many cases of T-babes being harassed by small-minded people. Therefore, they hide their dicks and do whatever it takes to appear more feminine, hoping that the look of a cis woman will spear them the harassment.

How does tucking work?

I’m sure you already know a lot about it and have your own methods. Still, for the sake of being fully informative, I’ll go over the basics. There are several ways to tuck your cock and balls.

Some people prefer to use sports tape or medical tape (duct tape is a bad option since it’s not made to be used on skin) to secure their dick after they bend it backward and place it almost between the ass cheeks. The tape goes around the cock and then all the way over your ass.

Others don’t like to use the tape and opt for wearing two pairs of tighter panties, a gaff, or tucking underwear. This gives less security but more comfort.

As for the balls, many trans women just push them back, or move them up and rest them on the bottom part of their stomach, or practice some other trick. Others choose to push the balls inside instead of moving them aside. They guide their testicles up from the scrotum to the inguinal canal. Even though the testicles often go up there spontaneously, without you even noticing it, especially during sex, it’s still a strange feeling to push them there on purpose. Testicles make up for the largest part of your balls. So what’s left after you tuck them is an empty sack, which is mostly just loos skin. So you can easily tuck it together with the cock.

Princess Joules explains the best methods for tucking

Where lies the trouble with tucking?

Even though tucking has its perks, there are definitely some downsides. Not that there is anything wrong with tucking, it’s just that it sometimes gets too complicated. Those well-hung ladies have even more work to do when they want to hide their monster-size rods.

The first tucking is usually the most awkward experience, especially when you choose to push the balls inside your body. Or, maybe your choice is to just place them aside without pushing them in the canal. Either way, there is always the concern that they will fall out of place if you don’t secure them well.

That is also a concern when it comes to penis tucking. How to know if it’s secure enough? What if you secure it too tight? When you bend your dick backward and hide it between your tights, the trickiest part can be to make it stay there. But if you tape it too tight or wear a gaff that is too small for you, it will be uncomfortable. I believe everyone has been in a situation when they had to untuck in a public toilet or in someone’s pantry because they couldn’t take it any longer after they’ve tucked too tight. On the other hand, if the tucking is too loose, it can get undone on its own when you least expect it.

And let’s talk about peeing. Do any of you girls actually go to pee outside of the house when you’ve tucked your cock? Do you go through the whole process of untucking and re-tucking, or do you just hold it? I know this is a real struggle.

Real problems and myths

Aside from these minor inconveniences, tucking can lead to some more serious problems if you don’t do it right. Your skin can get irritated by constant taping (if that’s your method). If you’ve tucked too tight and have it that way for the entire day, you might get sore. Plus, some yeast infections may appear because it gets hot down there.

Some people even suggest that regular tucking can lead to fertility problems, which is not good for those who wish to have biological children. The sperm quality can be reduced slightly due to the higher temperature inside the inguinal canal. That is because the ideal temperature for sperm is lower than the body temperature, and the sack is supposed to keep the testicles away from the body. By tucking them in the canal, you are placing them in a spot with a temperature higher than the ideal. Still, there is no scientific evidence that could support the claim that tucking causes complete infertility.

Speaking of false accusations, there is also the opinion that regular tucking leads to the inability to have a boner, which is nonsense. And anyone who ever had an erection while their dick was tucked can tell you that. Those tucked hard-ons are not my favorite thing, to be honest, since they can be painful sometimes. Still, I heard there are some T-girls who find this sensation not so bad, even interesting. 

Flatting the bulge or letting it loose

We all know how inconvenient tucking can be. Still, we do it anyway. For some people, tucking is the way to feel feminine and more in touch with their identity. Others want to flatten the bulge so they can look even hotter in a bikini or a tight dress. Either way, when it’s not done correctly, tucking can be very uncomfortable. However, when you find the method that suits you, practice it carefully, and get used to the feeling, you won’t even pay attention that your cock is tucked.