Damazonia Trans Model

Mistress Damazonia

An Amazonian Goddess in her own right, the 6’1″ Mistress Damazonia stands as a dominant example of femininity and strength. As a fetish model and dominatrix, she’s famous in North America, capturing the attention of everyone who sees her. It’s no secret that Damazonia is a born domme who demands total subservience from anybody she considers to be deserving of it. Those who dare stand in her way will be crushed beneath her or have their macho egos utterly smashed.
In addition to having a fantastic body, she also has a stunning fetish wardrobe to go along with it. She is currently a fetish celebrity and prodom in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Damazonia is originally from Montréal, which explains her faint French accent. She recently married the lovely transsexual fetish model Natalie Mars. In addition to wrestling, she is an expert in smothering, trampling, smoking, and strapons/pegging/anal play.

Mistress Damazonia About Herself

”I found my own normality within the BDSM community. With my fascination for the psychological side of domination, my thrill-seeking propensity, and my sadistic tendencies, I found myself impersonalizing my own preconceived notion of a dominatrix. And I couldn’t be in a better place.

Being a strong believer in equity living in a patriarchal society, I want female superiority to rule my own D/s world and have male slavery. This is not a personal idealistic social belief, but an exemplary situation that highly pleases me erotically. In my dungeon, I am more than a feminist, I am constantly evolving into being the ultimate kinky Amazonian warrior queen. I am humble about my experience as a professional. But I am confident in my natural predispositions to be a great dominatrix. And because I absolutely love what I do, I recognize the speed of my evolution and my clientele’s positive reviews regularly validate that I am going in the right direction.

I advocate self-expression, encourage the pursuit of dreams and fantasy realization and conduct no judgments whatsoever. The mere insight into the private places of other people’s minds fascinates me. And I am so excited to be part of this amazing journey.”

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Men and Women


BDSM, femdom, pegging

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