Bianca Meirelles With Sex Machine

Bianca Meirelles

Bianca Meirelles is a hot and versatile Latina who likes to take a hard pounding but is equally talented at drilling someone’s hole with her rock-hard cock. This curvacious T-girl is a pleasure to watch while she rolls in the sack or goes wild in any other place.

TS Bianca Meirelles comes from Sao Paulo, Brazil. She was born on May 6th, 1998, so she is in her early twenties now. Bianca is young and full of life. She has that wild nature that reminds everyone of her Brazilian heritage.

With dark hair and blue eyes, Bianca is a true beauty. And her big ass and silicone-enhanced tits make her everyone’s dream girl. Her body is curvy and covered in sexy ink. She has tattoos on her right wrist, hand, biceps, and shoulder, meaning her entire right arm is covered in ink. There are butterflies and vine tattooed all over the lower right side of her back and on the butt cheek. Also, there are tattoos on her left shoulder, hip, and thigh as well. In addition to that, Bianca also has piercings on her navel and left nostril.

Brazilian Vixen Bianca Meirelles

Bianca Meirelles started doing pon when she was 19 years old, in 2017. Since then, this sexy Latina has shot for some top-notch studios, such as Grooby, Trans Angels, Devil’s Film, Virtual Real Porn, Dream Tranny, TS Raw, and other productions.

She prefers bottoming but also doesn’t hesitate to use her cock when an opportunity arises. When she is not fucking and filming porn movies, Bianca likes to go to the beach and party till the sun comes up. She likes to shake her bouncy ass on the dance floor and drink fruity drinks.


5' 7" (170 cm)



Fake Boobs


Hair Color

Black / Dirty blonde

Eye Color






Star Sign


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