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If you ask Angelina Please what her name means, she’ll tell you that she has a strong desire to make others happy. The blonde from Chicago enjoys providing pleasure to transmen, ciswomen, and anybody else she can get her hands on, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like having her own busty body cared for as well. In the adult business, Angelina’s desires of being thrown down and dominated are coming true on a regular basis. What would be the icing on the cake for her when it comes to her fantasies in the bedroom? Having Johnny Hill fuck Adriana Chechik as she fucks him! To us, this is creme de la creme porn!

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In her Do You Want Me Or What? video with Ricky Larkin you can see the full span of Angelina’s kinks. If you have a foot fetish and love seeing feet in porn, this is the right video for you. In this video, Angelina is in black stockings that Ricky passionately licks before he starts rimming her. She sucks his cock, and then they move to the couch where Angelina lays down. Ricky uses this opportunity to further licks her feet, before taking her dick in his mouth for some passionate blowing. Angelina then uses her feet for a rubdown, which Ricky absolutely enjoys. Then, he starts filling her asshole with his throbbing cock, and you can enjoy her round tits bouncing around while Ricky gives it to her good.

In Spa Day With My Bestie, Angelina fucks her t-colleague Gracie Jane, and they play as grownups do.

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